Participating August Webinars

The following 13 Training Magazine Network webinars will feature a free virtual pass awarded to the Presentation Summit. For details on these free webinars and to register for any of them, click any of the SIGN UP links (all open into new browser windows).

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Tue, Aug 2

9a PDT / 12p EDT
Inclusive Presentation Design and Delivery  •  Stephy Hogan
How do you design a presentation based on the values of accessibility, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)? This session offers insights into the value of inclusivity that you can use in your own presentations, or share with your boss/team/client/company. Join us in this deep dive into an incredibly important topic.  VIEW RECORDING

12n PDT / 3p EDT
Five Phases of Training Program Evaluation  •  Sheila B. Robinson, Ed.D.
Your organization invests a great deal into learning and development programs. Do you know if your programs are working? Worth the investment of time and other resources? If your programs are meeting their goals, do you have insight as to why? Or, if they’re not performing well, do you know what they need to succeed?  VIEW RECORDING

Wed, Aug 3

9a PDT / 12n EDT
Escape Games and Other Irresistible Activities!  •  Kassy LaBorie
Learning online is now commonplace but getting attendees to participate can be like herding cats. Attendees will eagerly participate in your virtual training when you use escape game strategies, irresistible learning activities, and a “never fail” debrief strategy to help them reflect.  VIEW RECORDING

12n PDT / 3p EDT
Engaging Virtual Meetings: The Sure-Fire Way To Beat The Virtual Meeting Challenge  •  John Chen
Learn the key secrets to having your attendees say, “I have more energy after meeting with you!” Fix attendees talking over each other, look your best virtually, engage everyone even if someone else is talking, close your meetings with power and impact.  VIEW RECORDING

Fri, Aug 5

12n PDT / 3p EDT
Podcasts in Your Learning Solutions  •  Betty Dannewitz
Podcasting provides a simple, low-investment option to meet the need for informal or casual learning. Podcasting is an accepted and easy way to provide and consume content, largely because it is a format that easily fits into our busy lives. This session explores how podcasts are being used today, what the benefits of podcasting are for your organization, popular podcast formats, and fresh ideas for your organization.  VIEW RECORDING

Wed, Aug 10

11a PDT / 2p EDT
Presenting and Selling Virtually  •  John Chen
Are your virtual presentations boring? Are you not meeting your sales quota? Do you want to take advantage of the tremendous presenting and selling revolution? Then smash your virtual presentation technology game right now with this session. Come learn the key secrets of what Bob Bejan, Microsoft VP of Virtual Events, said: "Stop thinking theatrically and start thinking cinematically.”  SIGN UP

12n PDT / 3p EDT
Using Gamification in Virtual and Hybrid Events  •  Monica Cornetti
Would you like to learn how to move beyond the one-size-fits-all, been-there-done-that corporate conferences, sales meetings, or training events? The most important use of gamification for your events is to create a fun and engaging experience that is both meaningful and memorable for ALL attendees. During this live online event, we will explore the use of gamification and explore real-life examples: practical applications of gamification, hands-on activities designed to increase learning, and tools and guidance on game mechanics.   SIGN UP

Fri, Aug 19

8a PDT / 11a EDT
Take your First Steps with TechSmith Snagit  •  Damien Bruyndonckx
In this webinar, we will highlight 10 helpful tools in the Snagit Editor that will improve your screenshots. Whether it's quickly removing unwanted parts of your screenshots, adding steps to an image with a few clicks, extracting text from an image, or blurring personal and confidential information, there will be something for everyone and every workflow in this webinar.  SIGN UP

Tue, Aug 23

12n PDT / 3p EDT
How to Add Critical Thinking to your Learning Designs  •  Ray Jimenez, Ph.D.
Experts and futurists are unanimous that the important skill for all workers is critical thinking. We are in a global economy where change is rapid, the unpredictability of events abound, there is the shrinking of the new workforce, and of course, digitalization. Many of the roles demand beyond-the-usual tasks and roles. They need to be self-directed and constantly thinking about how to solve and manage the unpredictability of work. How would you design learning that starts with critical thinking and ends with learning as a result? Join the session and discover the 15 steps in designing critical thinking-driven learning.  SIGN UP

Thu, Aug 25

12n PDT / 3p EDT
Will Everyone Please Stop Animating So Obnoxiously??  •  Rick Altman
When you think of animation, do you think of flying bullets and spiraling headlines? Many people do, unfortunately, and so animation suffers a bad reputation. In fact, one of your best opportunities to shine as a content creator and presenter is through smart, effective, and appropriate use of animation and in this hour, we’ll explore exactly what that means. We’ll run the gamut from basic animation through advanced techniques, and of course, explore Morph, the dynamic first cousin to Animation.  SIGN UP

Wed, Aug 31

9a PDT / 12n EDT
Five PowerPoint Myths Busted!  •  Cindy Tingley, CPS
PowerPoint—some people shudder just at its name. But in the hands of someone who understands basic design principles, not only will a PowerPoint presentation keep your audience engaged, it will also leave a lasting impact. Whether you want to make a sale, teach a subject, or just share information, the whole point is to make your presentation memorable. It is time to stop making presentations that fit the "we've always done it this way" mold. In this webinar, you will get a chance to see five PowerPoint myths busted. Eliminating these bad design practices will immediately improve the impact your presentation has on its audience.  SIGN UP

And two bonus webinars, in September:

Thu, Sep 1

12n PDT / 3p EDT
Super Simple PowerPoint Slide Design, Part III  •  Mike Parkinson
This the third in Mike’s incredibly popular Super Simple PowerPoint Slide Design series. Learn how to make simple yet engaging and professional slides quickly. Mike shares new, innovative designs that you can easily make—when you know how. Using the latest trends, discover tips, tricks, and techniques to developing amazing slides. Less is best in this session.  SIGN UP

Tue, Sep 6

9a PDT / 12n EDT
Awesome Makeovers from PowerPoint Slides that Suuuuuck  •  Rick Altman
At the Presentation Summit, a gathering of some of the most passionate and vested presentation professionals in the world, guess how many of the attendees consider themselves professional designers. less than 30%. Out in the world, where 65 million PowerPoint presentations are created each day, the percentage drops to around 5%. And yet, we are asked to design presentations every single day. No wonder “Death by PowerPoint” is in everyone’s vocabulary. This session will help you get by with the skills that you do have, by showing you makeovers of slides that do not require a degree in the arts.  SIGN UP